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Have you seen a beauty queen
pageant, unmindful of the world around?
There is more to her life than parading
for gawkers, would you realize?

Many hold her on a pedestal,
imitate her every move in vain.
There is something ethereal about her
yet a mere mortal that would wither with age.

Some love talking about her,
the columns flood with her flaws.
But when she walks those majestic strides
pens bleed her glory and jaws just drop.

Her beauty might draw her attention,
but rarely do they all really know her.
Unfazed, for she’ll stay anonymous
to the ignorant who care not for her.

Much like her is another one
though, her beauty not as apparent.
She doesn’t need the gloss and light
to shine, she has her beautiful mind.

Beauty, of the skin and mind
both alike in many ways.
They stand you out in a crowd
and you stand out far away from them.


  1. :)

    Liked something dedicated to my kind.

  2. Nice! Liked the lines -"She doesn’t need the gloss and light to shine, she has her beautiful mind"

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