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And then there stood the mighty one,
Looking down on those he had vanquished
With a vengeance had he laid down his sword
On those who dared to get by and rose to defy

Now deep in thought stood he
By the carnage of rotting carcass
The sweet taste he wished of victory
Was drowned by the foul smell of loneliness

He had made a mark indeed
But at what cost had he foreseen
All those lives which lay on his path
And the humanity that is lost from his black heart

Could he care any less now
That the whole world lay open for him
To take what is left of it
And to do as he wished to please

And the thought of being invincible
Drove him to the insanity that killed him
As nothing else was left but he
Defiant to the celebration of victory

A world won with an iron fist
Turned into a graveyard
Where the conquered and their conqueror lay
With no one left to drop a tear their way

And what more can be expected
When we fight to rule the earth
Whilst a kind heart and an innocent smile
Would suffice to win the world over and everything on it.

1 comment:

  1. You wrote my thoughts, Aashish.
    I ask myself the same question.
    What is it that we, humans, always fight for? What do we prove by killing someone else?
    To satisfy our big fat ego?
    What do we get in return?
    Blood. Death. Everything that is dark.
    I wish Hitler, Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb, Alexander, Napoleon and everyone who killed someone could face the dilemma before committing a murder.
    We could have painted the history white. Not red.
    P.S. Does "With a vengeance HE HAD laid down his sword" sound better than "With a vengeance had he laid down his sword"?
    Not an expert critic but your blogs make me think. This is my way of giving feedback. If I find something boring in this blog, I will let you know. ;)