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Ode To Friends

When I was brought into this world,
I held the finger of a woman,
I called her my friend
and the ones she called family.

I was introduced to a man
whom I held in reverence all my life.
He knew everyone in the world
and the people he knew were my friends.

A few years older, and I was sent to school
I met people my size, little, shy and afraid.
Most were busy with their toys
and some enjoyed my company.

When we grew tired of toys, when we were being educated,
the ways of the world were learnt staggeringly quick.
The clicks were important, and I was left out of most
a best friend stood by, amidst the nod and hi-s.

As a well bodied lad, sport domineered over company.
I played, the games my only friends.
I enjoyed the glory and rued the fall.
Sport was a true friend for seasons all.

I sought a friend, when the daze subsided;
different from the friends of past
the hormones blazed, it wasn’t platonic
a relationship, a form of friendship like never before.

Soon goals and ambitions were a vital part.
They took me places, they took me far.
I viewed them as fellows who led me.
They were friends nonetheless in my journey.

Life took me to foreign lands;
and not for the first time, had I been so alone.
I made my peace with it,
called loneliness my friend.

It’s a long way to go before the end.
I’m sure I’ll encounter many such friends.
They need not be human, or material or worth my network.
As long as they keep my company and be my friend.


  1. I think that this is one of your best poems that I have read. It reads so smoothly, with the transitions so immaculate. They lead you through all of those stages in a magical yet very realistic times you forget that it is about another person, you identify with everysingle step he made, every single person he met, with all his joy and disappointment; you feel the loneliness on your breasts as if yours, and at times you rejoice with the author for his faith and ongoing quest, never-ending, and yet at other times you feel envious how he managed to befriend the most dispised company, the silence and the loneliness. My contemporary Shakespeare, who perfected his soliloquy 'all the world’s stage, and all men and women merely players'

    Wow, I am so proud of you my friend, am I worth to call myself your friend?

  2. It saddens me to think of your friend loneliness.
    I would love to tell you that this is a very short life. You can go out and make lot of friends. Just don't wait for things to happen to you. You gotta go out and hunt. Blah blah blah..
    But you know what.. I have a friend too. Loneliness. I know it sucks to be friends with it, sometimes. But I have been friends with it ever since I was a kid.
    I run away from it all the time but end up hiding in its lap. It always welcomes me..

    P.S. Loved your poem.

  3. Hey Ilina.. Thank you so much.. you are the best.. And this is one of the best reviews I've ever read.. :)

  4. Hey Anonymous. Glad you liked the poem. And that you let me know who you are. If you take everything in the gray, keeping the salt and pepper shades aside, loneliness among other things can be good and bad too. Hope to see you write more about it in your blogs. :)