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The Sentinel

Wild as the winds, that blow and fall
in wretched terrains, high and small.
Forsaking that belong not
and which belong, belong to all.

Wakes to mourn and celebrate.
Enlightened of all between, yet perturbed.
Anxious of what know none.
Serenity, in thoughts disturbed.

Oblivious of the ticks and talks
strides majestic, rugged pathways walk.
Uncolored lens, without prejudice see
mortal divisions, ignorance blinded perceive.

A question looms, in your skin
art thy, the man living within?
Answered aye; pure blood, black heart,
neither Lucifer, not the Lord’s Son.

Fight today, not for glory, not to die
Martyrs they, heavens vie.
Fight today, all fights to end
by Shield of Achilles, beside brethren lie.

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