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The Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness is like a wheel.
You keep moving ahead with glossy dreams of a destination.
As you get closer, more desperate you are to reach it.
And more tired as well, with all the distance you have covered.
Chances are, you are too worn out to enjoy your accomplishment.

Happiness is like a wheel.
There are spokes that meet at the center, yet following each other.
You keep trying to catch up with the next spoke.
But by the time you reach there, that spoke has moved on, and you follow.
Chances are, you never looked back to see the spoke trying to catch up with you.

Happiness is like a wheel.
You rotate round and around, hoping it leads you somewhere.
You keep kissing tarmac, and then assure yourself that you’ve seen the worst.
For every rash you feel, you are stronger and move ahead with hope.
Chances are, you’ll hit tarmac again and yet you keep moving and hoping.

Happiness is like a wheel.
You stop at times to take rest, but you still have a destination in mind.
You are meant for momentum and you dread wasting precious time for rest.
You never truly rest, do you; physically you might, but mentally you are still in motion.
Chances are, you’ll never enjoy your leisure, forever thinking of your pursuit.

Happiness is like a wheel.
An axle drives you, and controls you, and defines your existence.
You are not of any use without it, and you still aspire to break free.
Your ideologies and dreams apart, you succumb to the power of the shaft and follow its command.
Chances are, you will follow orders forever and forever dream of independence.

Happiness is like a wheel.
Sometimes you move backwards, to reminisce, to retrieve your steps in a route past.
You now think of those times as happier ones and wonder why you moved ahead at all.
You are distraught now, and torn by the different worlds you are in.
Chances are, you will one day not be able to retrace your steps and those times will be long forgot.

Happiness is like a wheel.
But a wheel is only a wheel if it is shaped as one.
It is still an object that can take any shape the sculptor pleases.
You can turn it into a statue to admire or wind in circles trying to find more happiness ahead.
Chances are, you will never appreciate this fact and keep moving, unhappy in a pursuit of happiness.


  1. //Chances are, you’ll never enjoy your leisure, forever thinking of your pursuit.

    Happens at times!!!! :| but yea leisure times r always enjoyed..nice poem dude!!

    Nice theme for the blog!!!

  2. What intrigues me is that you were able to relate so much about happiness with a wheel. I wonder what you must have felt when you unraveled the truth that a wheel was trying to tell you!

    I enjoyed this post!

  3. very nice.....very profound thought.. :-))