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Moment, this

‘tis strange when you stop a while
take a look back and a peep ahead
you are not what you were
you are not what you want to be
in that moment you are not yourself
but only the best you try to be

You know you have aged
well past the glory days
the adrenaline still kicking
your body though not givin’ in

You know ‘tis not the sunset yet
there’s miles to go to the end
and you cannot wait to see it through
but you are reluctant to get there

But, for this moment, I carry no feeling
I’m numb and lack emotion
for though I live in this moment
‘tis the moments past and ahead I choose
my castles built there
in memories and dreams.


  1. beautiful one aashish! esp 1st n 3rd para..

  2. mama :- hope glory days are back i wan them to be in bangalore only no were else.

  3. Nice one. Captures the ultimate dilemma and the difference between living and existing.

  4. Thanks ru$hmE. Glad you liked it. :)

    Onte, few more months; either bangalore or college park or both. :)

    Comtesse, the thing I like about verse is the opportunity it provides for reader interpretation. I'm glad you liked it and shared your views. :)